Doing Keto as a Couple

Living the keto lifestyle and following the keto food plan can be a great way to bring a couple together.

In an ideal world, your significant other will want to help you achieve your goals and do the program with you. As Andrew Bendict related, “I know that doing keto with my wife is something that has brought us closer together. We are a younger couple without any kids, so we would just eat whenever we were out by ourselves and end up hardly ever sharing a meal and almost never eating the same things. Once we both agreed to go on keto we slowed down and were able to enjoy meals together. Now we eat breakfast and dinner together almost every day.”

Cooking keto together is also a great way to bond and be together. Helping each other cook is a good, fun way to show support for one another while also improving your

You should also be exercising while you are doing the keto diet. Even if you can’t get your significant other to join you in the keto food ways, you may be able to get them to work
out with you.

Working out, even if that means a good walk every day, can be the hardest part of a new diet. The best thing to keep you going and motivated is to have a partner doing it with you. The best partner to have while working out, often is the person you live with and see more than anyone else.

Ideally you and your significant other will be able to do the diet together, but sometimes you’ll have no choice and have to forge ahead without their support. The important thing to remember is that you aren’t alone. There are many groups on the internet you can join for support. There is no need to undergo such a profound transformation of life alone.