Eating Out on Keto

While I have never seen a “keto” section on a restaurant menu that doesn’t mean you can’t find great keto options. Many restaurant employees are also more than happy to help you figure out what you can eat and some will make substitutions for you.

The safest way to eat out while on keto is obviously going to be looking up information before you go anywhere. For any chain restaurant you will have access to all of their nutritional information on their website. Almost all other restaurants will have the menu posted. Once you have access to that information, you can get to work building your meal.

What if you end up going out with friends on a whim? You don’t want to hold everyone up while you look at a huge PDF on your phone screen to figure out what you can eat. It actually isn’t that hard to wing it when you go out to eat.

Burgers are actually one of the safer gambles when you are looking for a keto meal. Obviously, you are going to have to ask them to hold the bun, any sauces, and swap the fries for steamed low-crab veggies, but they are delicious options that tend to have a low number of net carbs.

Another safe bet when eating out is to stick with steak. A steak is a delicious low-crab option at most restaurants. Depending on the restaurant you may have to ask them to hold any sauce they may add. If you’re worried that it may taste bland without a sauce you can ask if they have a dry rub that they can use for you. Again, the sides will have to be low-crab steamed veggies.

If you are worried that your vegetables may be lacking in flavor, or that your steak may be dry you can always ask for a side of butter. If you are closely tracking your macros you may find that the butter will help get your fat intake to the point you need it to be.

As long as you go with simple meals that are a meat and steamed veggies you should be able to eat anywhere you want. You will have to watch out for carbs being snuck in through sauces or sugars being added, but when in doubt don’t be afraid to ask.

Here are some of the best places to eat at:

  • Steakhouse
  • Seafood restaurant
  • Burger place
  • BBQ
  • Mexican restaurant
  • Build your own entree bar

Doing the keto lifestyle is no barrier to eating out.