Exercise Hard, Eat Fewer Calories and You’ll Get Healthy, Right? Wrong!

Some folks are so addicted to certain foods that they will do anything to be able to continue to eat those foods. Giving up muffins or ice cream or whatever you currently think you love can be truly hard and even traumatic.

You start your morning with a big cup of coffee and a huge blueberry scone. You look forward to that scone. You love that scone. And so you want to find a way to eat that grain-rich, sweet scone and still release weight and feel great.

Your answer? Massive amounts of exercise and eating less overall. Sounds good, right?

Well, no. The fact is, most people don’t want to spend hours and hours exercising.

And in fact, you probably don’t have enough extra time to do a full workout every day. You might have a job, children, a career, a home, your own business, errands to run, pets and aging parents to care for, and a spouse. Who has an hour or two every day to work out?

Second, while working out has a ton of health benefits and you should do it whenever possible, one of the things it’s not truly effective at is converting fat to energy. Study after study in the past 10 years shows us that exercise, especially aerobic exercise, doesn’t burn much fat at all.

As to eating fewer calories, you might lose weight temporarily through starvation and calorie deprivation. But the moment you go back to eating normally, you will gain the pounds back and more. This is because you’ve literally slowed down your metabolism. Rinse and repeat a few times with starvation fads, and your metabolism is permanently ruined.

The good news. By changing your eating habits and exercising moderately – 20-30 minutes a day – you can do more to release pounds and get healthy than if you were to exercise 3 hours a day and eat foods that are bad for you.

Eating healthy, in a manner that brings about ketosis, can do more for you health wise than becoming an obsessive gym rat.

Massive amounts of exercise will not compensate for eating the wrong foods, and neither will starving yourself. Nothing compensates for poor food choices. But the right food choices can make you strong, lean, healthy and more energetic than you’ve been in years.

Through the process of ketosis on the ketogenic lifestyle you can exercise sensibly and release weight. It is proven to work.