Going Keto with a Family

As the book entitled “Fat is a Family Affair” makes clear on its cover, our relationships are key to our eating habits. A recent study found that a person was more likely to be overweight if their in-laws were overweight.

A new way of eating is never an easy thing to do, and your family can easily make it much easier or much more difficult. There could be any number of reasons why your significant other may try to discourage you from trying keto.

Your significant other's heart may be in the right place but they may not have all of the facts. The biggest concern I have seen from other people stems from seeing you eat so much fat when you are on the keto diet. Conventional wisdom tells us that eating all of that fat is going to lead to an early grave.

If they have an open mind you can find videos or articles that can put their mind at ease. Sometimes you may just have to appreciate the fact that they are concerned about you, and do whatever you think is best for yourself.

The longer you are on keto the more they will see that you are feeling better, healthier, and happier. If they can tell that the diet is having a positive effect on you, they may be more supportive of your choice.

Sometimes your significant other may be 100% behind your choice to go on the keto diet but not personally willing to do so themselves. There could be countless reasons for this. Maybe they aren’t willing to give up their beer, bread, or pasta, or maybe they travel and feel that it would just be too difficult for them.

The important thing to remember with this lifestyle is that it isn’t about changing your significant other. Your goal with this is to change yourself, and if they notice those changes in you, and they would like to make those changes as well, you can support them. It’s also okay if they never want to make that change and they are happy with everything the way it is.

Just because you aren’t both doing keto doesn’t mean you can’t eat together. They may be willing to enjoy a keto dinner with you even though they eat carbs for every other meal.

There are many wonderful keto recipes that the entire family will enjoy.

There are also some meals where you just have to change one thing to make it keto for you and carb heavy for them. For example, if you make spaghetti and meatballs. You can make meatballs with a light sauce and cheese for both of you while making regular
pasta for them, and miracle noodles or zoodles for yourself. Or cook the main dish keto and put a potato on their plate and broccoli on yours.

It may also be a situation where your significant other wants to be more supportive but everything is so female-focused. As Andrew Benedict notes, “as a guy, I have noticed that so much of the keto world is shaped toward women.”

An internet search will turn up sites centered on men or major figures in the keto world who are men. If he can see other guys embracing the keto lifestyle, he may be more willing to join in.

Hopefully, this isn’t something you will have to deal with but sometimes your significant other may just be completely unsupportive. The bottom line is that this is your body, and if the keto lifestyle leads you to a healthier mind or body then it is nobody’s business but
your own.

If you willing to put in a lot of work, you can cook for yourself and make something totally different for them. That’s extra effort, and it is an option that could keep the peace.

Whatever level of support you find at home, remember that you are doing this for yourself. Connect with the larger keto community and you will never alone on this journey.