Happy Keto Holidays

For many people, the holidays are days we look forward to. However, for those of us on strict keto, it can be a time of temptation and struggle. The important thing to remember is that it is possible to be on keto AND have fun during the holidays.


The first major hurdle you may end up running into is traveling for the holidays. It may be easy to stick to strict keto when you’re the one cooking all of your meals in the comfort of your own home, but what happens when you don’t have access to a kitchen?

The best thing to do is to prepare for the trip itself. You are going to pass countless restaurants and fast food locations that may sound delicious, but could be difficult to eat at if you didn’t plan ahead. If you have some pre-made keto snacks for the journey, you will be able to stick to your diet and save time on your trip. You may also want to bring along a few hard to find key keto recipe ingredients.

Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll have some decisions to make. If this is going to be an extended stay you have to figure out if you have access to a kitchen, and are you comfortable cooking in that kitchen?

If you have a nice kitchen you can cook in, all you have to do is run to the store and pick up ingredients to make some of your keto specialties. If you’re staying with a friend or relative, they may even be interested in tagging along to learn more about your diet.

Bring A Dish

It’s the moment of truth, the day of celebration has finally come and you find yourself surrounded by delicious homemade carbs, how do you get out of this one? You could always offer to bring a keto option or two.

There are a few options that are actually pretty easy to make keto without changing much. If you talk to the host ahead of time you may end up with several keto options for dinner.

Leave the meat to the host. The meat should be an easy keto option plus it may seem a little rude to bring your own. Depending on the occasion, a keto salad or a delicious keto dessert such as keto cheesecake or keto pie are great options.

What If It’s Too Much?

Even when you aren’t on a diet the holidays come with a lot of stress. Sometimes the pressure of everything just makes it too difficult to stick with keto. We've all been there.

No need to be miserable during a time of family festivities. Tomorrow you can go back out there and be on strict keto again. The key is to make sure you don’t use this as an excuse to leave keto behind entirely.

As Andrew Benedict said, “my wife and I are actually doing keto for the second time. The first time we got off of keto because we both indulged in carbs on Thanksgiving. From there it turned into “we already ruined the whole thing, we might as well wait for *insert excuse of your choice here*.” It took us months to actually get real with ourselves and get back on the keto diet.”

Slipping up one day doesn’t ruin a diet, you just have to keep your mindset in the right place and keep on the path of the keto way.