Hidden Carbs Can Kill Your Ketosis

You’re making great progress with the keto, improving rapidly the first few weeks, maybe even the first few months. All of a sudden that slows dramatically, then it stops entirely.

Hidden Carbs may be the issue.

Many people start their journey at 50 grams of carbs or less a day. This may work for you at first but you are going to have to lower this number eventually. If you are at 50, 40, or even 30 grams the best place to start is with slowly lowering the amount of carbs you eat each day. Many people have to go all the way down to 20 carbs a day to be able to maintain ketosis.

There is also the issue of what many people would call “hidden carbs.” There are things that we generally consider to be “healthy” food so we don’t think about how many grams of sugar it may have in it. The most important thing with the keto diet is to be extra vigilant about every single gram of carbs you’re ingesting.

Fruits are a great example of hidden carbs. You have lived your whole life hearing about how great fruit is and calling them a healthy alternative, but the fact is that once you start keto almost any serving of a fruit will be too much sugar for your for keto.

There are plenty of vegetables that will instantly knock you out of ketosis. One potato can have over 50 grams of carbs, which for many people is enough to ruin ketosis. Make sure that you avoid any starchy vegetables and pick more keto friendly options.

The other main places to look for carbs will be drinks, sauces, or anything sweet. You’d be surprised how quickly you can go over your carb limit just by drinking one wrong thing or adding the wrong sauce to your dinner.

The final place to look at is sweets. I know you’re probably thinking “I always make sure to get the sugar free option, so I must be fine.” The problem is there are many sugar alcohols out there and they all get processed differently. For some people, some of them may prevent reaching ketosis. Among the best options, unlikely to interfere with reaching ketosis, are erythritol and stevia.